MeHi. My name is Dr Alex Hope. I am currently Lecturer in Sustainable Development and Project Management in the School of Built and Natural Environment, Northumbria University, a post I have held since February 2011. Before entering the world of academia I had a rather eclectic mix of jobs. I have managed pubs, installed industrial shelving in warehouses, been a power-press operator for a roofing manufacturer, worked as a DJ and last but not least, a long spell as a retail manager in a large high street music store chain. Throughout all of this, I have remained a committed environmentalist…

I put an end to this strange meandering career path on my 30th birthday and re-entered education. One degree in Environmental Management, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership which saw me working as a local authority Sustainable Energy officer and a PhD in Sustainable Development later, here I am…

My main research interests include sustainability in project management, sustainable construction, PPP/PFI procurement, and Environmental Assessment Methodologies, and I mainly teach sustainability to construction and project managers across a range of undergraduate and post graduate degrees.

I intend to use this space as a sounding board for my ideas, as well as communicating my research to a wider audience than is afforded by the usual academic publishing outlets. I will also be discussing my experiences as a new academic as I attempt to build a research and teaching career in what is often a rewarding, but frustrating job.

I will mainly be blogging about sustainability in business and project management, sustainable construction and energy, the trials and tribulations of working in academia and the use of technology and social media in learning and teaching. If that is your kind of thing, please have a look around and let me know what you think – comments are always welcome and debate encouraged!


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